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Minimally Invasive Same Day Knee Surgery

By cutting no muscle, this specific technique is allowing patients to return to life faster and with less pain than with traditional methods. With this procedure, our doctors, Dr. Miller and Dr. Odom bring the highest level of orthopedic care possible to the North Texas area, and they continue to train every year to learn the latest advancements in the field.

This technique includes:
  • No muscle or tendon cut
  • Plastics skin closure (no staple gun)
  • Local, long-lasting knee blocks to control post-operative pain
  • No Foley catheter or drains
  • Hypoallergenic, waterproof dressing
  • Performed in about an hour
  • Anesthesia provided by a doctor

This allows for same-day surgery in healthy patients who want an accelerated recovery.

Total Knee Replacement Information

Dr. Miller, Dr. Odom and staff have created this video for patients to better understand what to expect before and after knee replacement.
It tells you everything you need to know with advice to help you achieve the best possible outcome.


For more information, visit our Recovery Q&A page.


Knee replacement is designed to achieve a pain free walk.  Elliptical, stationary bike, swimming and other low impact fitness activities are recommended following knee replacement.

Recovery Questions & Answers
What They’re Saying

Probably the most life changing event for me so far. Double knee replacement at 6:00 am, home at 3:30 that afternoon. Pain was not bad after the first couple of days. No walking assistance after the second day. Drove in 7 days. I am now 2-1/2 months post-operation and people can not believe how changed I am now that I walk pain-free for the first time in 20 years. My only regret is not doing it much sooner.

Alan U.– Google Reviews

I found Dr. Odom by way of being a VERY satisfied surgical patient of Dr. Chris Miller (who no longer sees shoulder patients). Dr. Odom was fantastic: great 'bedside manner', very attentive and an an active listener. He immediately ordered appropriate tests, and administered a cortisone injection into my left shoulder to try to get some immediate relief for me. He formulated a care plan that worked for me, and scheduled timely follow-up visits. No surgery needed this time, but I am confident that I would once again be in the best hands if it was indicated. Highly recommend!

Kathy B.Google Reviews

Dr. Miller and his staff are gracious to provide detailed guidance about every step of your treatment. My total knee replacement surgery could not have gone better. The care and concern shown by Dr. Miller and team along the way made the recovery process so much easier. I would recommend him to everyone.

Amanda W.– Google Reviews

Dr. Odom is a great Doctor and person He is compassionate about your situation and takes time to talk to you about what is going on with your body. I felt truly cared for. I would highly recommend Legacy Orthopedics to anyone!

Sean F.Google Reviews

I had bilateral knee replacements on April 16th and am now two weeks out. I'm already walking without assistance and am diligently doing my PT - I was so fearful of surgery, but Dr. Miller is amazing. My experience thus far has been fantastic and every PT or medical assistance staff would tell me I had the best surgeon when I tell them Dr. Miller repaired my knees (his skill and precision are well known in the DFW orthopedic field). I have RA and was almost unable to walk......the future looks bright! Keep up the good work Dr.Miller and staff!

Andrea SYelp Review

Dr. Miller did an excellent job! I had a knee scope and I'm doing great only one month after surgery! I am going to PT and it is going well

AnnonymousHealth Grades Review

I had bilateral knee replacements done by Dr. Chris Miller in September 2019, and it was a wonderful experience! If needed, I recommend both knees done at the same time. The hospital was fantastic and the office staff was very helpful. His assistants, Selena, took my calls right away, and Rachel was patient and helpful with me when I had questions. My pain levels were always tolerable, I expected it to be much more painful than what it was. Physical Therapy next door was excellent. I worked with Jolene and she was friendly, considerate to pain levels yet pushed me to mobility. I can't say enough about the professionals Dr. Miller surrounds himself within his practice. I highly recommend it and would do it again in a minute. Well worth it!

MariaGoogle Review

Dr Odom's bedside manner was impeccable, very gentle and forth coming! The office is very clean and everything moved in tandem! No long waits!!!

Monica MGoogle Reviews

Recovery Stories

Patients walk unassisted two weeks after knee surgery and the #LegacyTechnique

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